Statement and Link for COVID Cases

As we are sure you will understand, Hampton School is a small school district and by federal law must protect the privacy of students or staff that may be identified as either positive for COVID or as a Probable Close Contact. Hampton School District has designated Jana Young as the district’s point of contact for COVID related cases or probable close contact cases that may occur within the school district. Mrs. Young’s role is to identify possible cases of COVID or possible cases of Probable Close Contact. In either case, Mrs. Young will immediately contact the Arkansas Department of Health to receive guidance as well as the parents of those students who are affected. We want to be as transparent as possible with the community while protecting individual privacy. Information on active COVID cases is available at
School Districts with less than five cases are not listed. However, as you are aware this is a fluid situation and may change day to day or week to week. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation  protecting the privacy of our students and staff. Please feel free to check for updates at the above link as often as you wish. Do your part to help the school district by stressing the importance of hand washing, social distancing, and wearing a mask. Stay safe!