School Board

The local school board acts as the school district's policy making body. The board is made up of elected officials and is the official representative of the people for public education in the Hampton School District. The local board of education is obligated to:

  • comply with state and federal laws and the policies and regulations of the state education authorities.

  • determine the district's education philosophy and the goals that flow from it.

  • choose the superintendent of schools and work constructively with him or her.

  • contribute to improving the education opportunities of every child in the district.

  • develop, adopt, and regularly review policies that will attract and keep the personnel who can promote the district's education aims.

  • follow a wise budgeting process and adopt policies and procedures to ensure finances are legally and effectively managed.

  • review and approve an annual audit of the school district.

  • provide appropriate and sound physical facilities.

  • appraise the activities of the district in relation to the established goals and objectives.

While school boards have many other duties beyond those listed above, these are the major categories of responsibilities.