Mr. Matt Scarbrough

Doug Worley

Matt Scarbrough comes to Hampton with 25 years of experience in education. Mr. Scarbrough brings to Hampton the experience of working in large and small districts and experience working at many different levels. Most recently Mr. Scarbrough was Athletic Director for the Sheridan School District, but has also worked as a Jr. High and High School Administrator at Riverside Schools in Lake City . Matt Graduated from Ozark High School, and joined the United States Navy where he served in operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Matt attended Arkansas State University in Jonesboro Arkansas where he has earned a Bachelors in Education, a Masters in Ed Leadership and his Specialist in Educational Leadership.

"I am excited to work in the Hampton School and to be a part of the Hampton community. Hampton feels like home and I am impressed with the love this community has for their school district. I want this to be a district that serves the students, the families, and the community in providing for their needs. The Hampton School District is already a place where I have met wonderful people who all want success. It is my goal to provide a culture that allows this to happen."

Mr. Scarbrough believes education should be tailored to the individual. "Not every student will choose the same path in life. Some students will choose college, some vocational, some military, some will choose trade school or some will choose to go to work. All of our students however need a platform in education that allows them to make choices about their future. Fundamental educational skills allow for students to continue to grow in whatever path they choose in life. Our goal should be to teach students how to continue to grow and instill in them the drive to be the best versions of themselves that they can be. "

Extracurricular activities are important to Mr. Scarbrough and he comes to Hampton with a conviction for this area. "While English, Math and Science are important the extracurricular activities play a huge role in the success of a student. Students who are involved in extracurricular activities are absent less, have higher GPA's and are five times for likely to graduate and continue their education after high school. By participating in activities students learn lessons about team work, perseverance, and hard work. These are invaluable and will serve students throughout their life. Sports, FFA, and school clubs are an important piece of the educational experience and a big part of the community."

"I not only want to be a leader in the school but I want to be a member of the community as well."

Mr. Scarbrough is available for all who need to visit or need assistance with the school district.